“Wow. May I just say wow...”

"Wow. May I just say wow. Waaaaaaaah! 😭

Omgoddess! I was just gifted a free session with Danyelle Demchock to talk digestive health, and I got WAY MORE than I expected. 

This woman cuts to the chase in the most graceful and seamless of ways. We got real about foods that I KNOW undeniably work for me, as well as those that do NOT. 😳

We also opened up the talk to include deliberately reaching for what I knowingly understand does not serve me. We talked about emotional eating, my own struggles and relationship with it. She drew logic around my nervous system - it's needs, and how to support it, as a way to stay balanced, calm and feeling empowered. 

I JUST GOT MORE THAN I BARGAINED FOR, and I got a plan. I knew this was going to be valuable but I didn't know it was going to be INvaluable. 

Thank you for granting me this gift my darling, and for allowing me to see your expertise in action, as well as, to benefit from it. 

Over the moon grateful. Xox.

(if YOU have a need for clarity or support - check this lovely miss out!)"


Danyelle may be just the lady for you...”

"I scooped up an opportunity to do an introductory phone session with Danyelle while I was in Chicago doing CHICAGO. She gave me several things to consider in order to increase/maintain my energy levels (one noticeably helped on those matinee/two show days!). She also had some ideas for me to experiment with (in addition to needing to get proper rest, of course) to deal with some muscle fatigue, while singing and dancing an 8 show week!

If you've been curious to delve into your journey of wellness, and are seeking a woman with wonderful energy, Danyelle may be just the lady for you! She assists women who struggle dropping excess weight, those wishing to balance their hormones naturally, along with finding solutions to increasing one's energy. 

Thanks for your thoughts and wisdom, beautiful woman- I have slowly been implementing some things that we discussed, and am noticing the improvements!  :) Cheers!"


“Meeting every person at a comfort point...”

"I am grateful for Danyelle's breadth of knowledge and her kind and positive spirit. She has a way of meeting every person at a comfort point and encourages growth to occur in a suitable fashion, designed to fit each individual."


“ I will be forever grateful...”

"I coached with Danyelle for several years. She is authentic, she is honest, and she will tell you like it is. I will be forever grateful that Danyelle showed up on my path when I was in need of her help. I would highly recommend Danyelle."


Made making a big lifestyle change seem like a breeze...”

"I am most proud of how I am now able to make delicious meals and not feel like I am missing out on anything and not feeling deprived. There has been a definite shift in my attitude and mentality on the way I eat.

Yes, the bloated belly is GONE!

The thing that most blew me away is how much better I feel and actually how simple it can be to avoid gluten and eat tasty food. I loved the step by step process which made making a big lifestyle change seem like a breeze!"


“Proved to be transformational...”

"When I first began training with Danyelle a number of years ago, I was only looking "to get in better shape." Over time, Danyelle's recommendations on exercise, nutrition, sleep, etc., proved to be transformational.

As a result, I am in much better physical shape today and have changed how I think about my health. What in the past was mostly ignored on a day-to-day basis, is now integrated fully into my work and family life.

I cannot emphasize enough how fortunate I am to be training with Danyelle."


“Always a few (between 5 and 10) pounds that I struggled with losing...”

"I was actually eating a healthy diet and my overall health habits were quite good. However, there were always a few (between 5 and 10) pounds that I struggled with losing, and I also suspected that gluten might have something to do with my tendency to suffer from bloating, and sometimes fatigue. My turning point was when I decided that I needed help with this.

As a health-coach, I felt like I already knew what to do, but I also recognized that asking for help and getting support would make my success much more likely. It turned out to be true!

On the program, I ate a great variety of delicious food and I did drop those 10 pounds easily. My digestion improved greatly, as did my energy levels."


“A drop in my cravings...”

"I'm definitely noticing less of a fluctuation in my energy throughout the day. But the really exciting change I've noticed in this short time is a drop in my cravings. I don't seem to feel endless hunger anymore...but pure satisfaction when I eat!
My gut has definitely felt more calm. So I think that has convinced me that this program works!

All the information. You really did a great job of educating us on how gluten affects our health and lives. And the support was great. I felt at times like you were reading my mind!"


“The sister I never had...”

"I just wanted to share with you my experience with Danyelle Demchock. I started working with her about 3 weeks ago and am signed up for the 12 week transformational program. She is WONDERFUL! I am so impressed with her knowledge, the structure of her program and her accessibility.

Danyelle is very thorough in her explanations and I feel she is truly concerned about my health and well-being. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I am so excited about the next 9 weeks. She is the sister I never had....."


I felt totally supported...”

"I felt totally supported by you. It's clear that you did everything possible for me to get the most I can from the program. Many thanks."


"Someone I trust..."

“Danyelle is a truly gifted practitioner. She continually educates herself in every area that could impact her clients' health and well-being. She really takes the time to practice what she preaches, and is always growing as a person and as a healer. What I find most inspiring about Danyelle is how pure her intentions are.

She seeks out modalities and knowledge to make sure she is on top of her game. She takes the time to go above and beyond, and consider the future health of her clients. She makes it a high priority to instruct them in activities that will allow them longevity in their health and mobility. She is someone you can trust to never hurt you. It is the main reason I referred my clients to her when I moved from NYC.

A great many of my clients that work with Danyelle had all ranges of injuries, fibromyalgia, and bone diseases. They are very happy to work with her now, and I am very grateful that I was able to leave my clients with someone I trust.”


“Danyelle is amazing..."

"Danyelle is amazing at looking at many holistic variables that contribute to one’s response to nutrition as well as creating a plan based upon highly individualized variables. More so than that, she’s exceedingly caring and giving. I would highly recommend Danyelle to anyone seeking improved and optimal health!”