Feeding your body the right foods is essential to how you think and feel.  The better you think and feel,
the better your life will feel.  The better your life feels, the happier you are.  I call this: Eat Right to Think Right. 






In this pillar, I will help you to discover the foods that will enable your body to function at optimum performance. I will also work with you to find blocking factors that might be preventing your body from releasing weight or having enough energy, or that may be causing digestive problems and keeping you sick.




I will consult and work with a top-notch wellness team to ensure your nutritional needs are properly met, and to create a customized nutrition program.  This will include input from a Functional Medicine Specialist with a background in both traditional and alternative medicine.  My customized nutrition program will take into consideration your “whole” person and the life you live.


My wellness team and I will:

  • Establish a nutrition plan aligned with your biochemistry and taking into account your emotional and psychological makeup

  • Provide nutrition testing to discover the foods that are right for you

  • Assess underlying blocking factors at the digestive, hormonal, immune and detoxification levels

  • Test for food sensitivities

  • Listen to your underlying beliefs that have prevented follow-through or desired results in the past

  • Provide examples of delicious healthy foods aligned with your body’s needs

  • Recommend the right supplements to enhance your body’s functioning.

  • Establish a foundation of nutrition that works now and for your long-term health