I find this to be one of the most overlooked pillars of the four, and the one that helps us integrate all the others. Why? Because this is the time when your body and mind can rebalance, process, and integrate all the information that has been given in a day.



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Restoring is about taking the time to allow the body and mind to connect to something bigger than ourselves. Restore includes breathing exercises, restorative poses and movements, mindfulness practices and meditation (and don’t worry if you aren’t “good” at meditating). 






When the body restores, we are able to think more quickly and clearly, become less reactive and more responsive with other people, deepen our self-compassion, deepen our level of compassion for others, have more energy, lose weight more easily, build a stronger immune system, increase our libido, and much more.



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Restoring is your biggest and most powerful tool in creating a more positive, meaningful life. Research shows that just eight minutes of meditation a day can physically change the neural plasticity of your brain. 



Your Flourishing Life RESTORE Program Includes:

  • Discovering the Mindfulness Tool that is right for you.

  • Practicing at least one restorative tool daily.

  • Finding at least 8 minutes a day to RESTORE.

How I can help you?

  • Expose you to mindfulness practices of Positive Psychology, yoga, and other modalities.

  • Create a daily RESTORE practice that works for you.

  • Create more inner peace, inner happiness, and inner calm.

  • Coach you to commit to taking the time to RESTORE.