I like to think of my puppy, Haven, when I think of movement. She doesn’t think of going out for a walk, playing fetch, or running as exercise. She thinks of it as play. She gets excited when I say, “Let’s go for a walk.” She can’t wait to move!





Movement is supposed to feel good and fun, and when it doesn’t we stop doing it. So, let’s find the right movement for you, movement that feels like play while creating a strong and healthy body.





We are designed to move. Movement should feel good to our bones, joints, and muscles. Just as your brain’s job is to think and your heart’s job is to beat, your body’s job is to embrace movement. When we stop moving our body, we start to feel pain, stiffness and discomfort – so it’s important to discover ways to be active that keep us happy to be on the move.






As part of the movement program, I teach dance (ballet and modern), yoga, and strength conditioning. I have expertise in corrective exercise, posture and alignment, and treating lower back pain. 





Your Flourishing Life Movement Program includes: 

  • A physical assessment to see how your body moves.

  • Discovering movement that you enjoy doing.

  • Movements that support the desired results you want.

  • Community – Friends and family members that enjoy moving too.

I’ll support you in your Movement Program:

  • I’ll help you to figure out the right movement plan for you based on your desires for your health and body.

  • I’ll assess how you move.

  • I’ll listen to your hopes and needs and custom design a Movement Plan.

  • I’ll coach you during In-person, Skype, or FaceTime sessions.