We are born to love. Research shows that the quality of our relationships is a true indicator of those that are most happy and healthy. In this pillar of Your Flourishing Life Program, I will help you to look at the relationship you have with yourself and all the relationships that you are in – including romantic partners, family, friends, and/or work colleagues.

I will teach you ways to attract and build love that lasts using scientifically proven research and tools to improve your connection and intimacy with your future partner. I will help you to rekindle and strengthen the love that exists in your life right now. 


In Your Flourishing Life LOVE Program, these 3 Key Components are designed to create happy, healthier, and lasting partnerships:

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#1. The right kind of passion
Yes, there is destructive passion so cultivating the right passion is essential to building love that lasts. Fueling the right passion will help build a healthy happy relationship, while building the wrong passion will erode and eat away at the relationship. 



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#2 Cultivating Positive Emotions in your daily life
Researcher, Barbara Fredrickson, has been researching positive emotions and the benefits in our life and in our relationships. Positive emotions can bring good things to us. Knowing how to cultivate positive emotions will help keep a relationship healthy and budding. 

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#3: Savoring the Good, not just fixing the bad
Savoring helps us see the good in our life and in our relationships. Savoring is not just having positive emotions but a way of acknowledging and attending to those positive emotions (pg. 107), Bryant and Veroff in their book Savoring: A New Model of Positive Experience

When both partners savor the love and communicate that love, you end up creating a flourishing partnership where both individuals feel deeply cared for and respected.



Inspired by Happy Together by Suzann Pileggi Pawelski, MAPP and James O. Pawelski, PhD


LOVE would be a great pillar to start with
if you answered YES to any of the following…

  • Are you dissatisfied in your current romantic relationship?

  • Are you in a partnership that is going well but you want more tools to help to grow the love?

  • Are you stuck in a romantic partnership that isn’t going anywhere?

  • Do you feel like the love you do find doesn’t last?

  • You aren’t in a romantic partnership right now but want to prepare yourself to be a great partner?

  • Do you want to deepen the love you have for yourself?