Tears Came Flooding… Confession

After getting off the phone with my business coach, David Koons,  I realized how much of a perfectionist I have been my whole life.  I am always wanting to “get it right.”  It has not helped me in moving forward with projects in my business because I am always thinking that I can get it more right if I just think about it a little more, research it a little more, get more advice from friends and experts, and on and on to get it perfect.

In my coaching call with my coach, I was brought to tears because I felt that everything that I do takes so long to accomplish because I want it to sound just right, look just right, make sure it is grammatically correct, until David said, “Danyelle that sounds like it is a pattern that you have been carrying out a long time”.

Overwhelmed by the thought of putting a website together myself, and disappointed after firing two web designers, I thought I could not do one more thing in my business.

Then, I broke down in tears,  I told him I have so much to do, and a website is just another project on top of all the responsibilities of running a wonderful new business.

As I sat in tears, a light bulb went off when he told me I could make a website in 20 minutes. I never thought of this, that it didn’t have to be perfect, that it could be informative and educational without having to spend days and weeks writing it.  For me I learned that I had expectations wrapped around how I thought the website should look and sound.

I experienced David’s words with a sense of freedom to start creating this site.  Sometimes, it is saying “Just Do it,” as Nike advertises.  I don’t love their sneakers, however, their slogan sure does work :-).