What YOU Ought To Know About YOUR Food!

After watching Food Inc, I couldn’t help but share with you eye-opening and mouth-dropping info about our food supply that really moved me.   I believe this is a must see for anyone with children because it could save your child’s life and Yours!

Children are dying because of how contaminated our food is!

In the movie Food Inc,  a woman explains how she lost her healthy 2 year old child due to E.Coli from a hamburger she fed him 12 days before he died.

Hamburger from these huge beef companies such as Beef Products Inc. (which make up about 70% of our countries hamburger) have been found to have meat from about 1,000 different cows, in 1 beef pattie… that YOU eat!  BTW, this company feels very proud about their ability to combine technology and science… cleansing their meats, that you eat, with ammonia!

Wait a minute, if you are in shock at that, then wait until I share with you what Dan Gibson (Owner of Grazin Angus Acres Farm) shared with me two weeks ago:

85% of antibiotics produced are given to our livestock?


Why are animals so sick that they need to be given antibiotics?

…Maybe because they are knee deep in manure, and when they are shipped off to the slaughter house, their hides are covered with manure (that manure does end up in your meat…and can carry E.Coli).

So you might be thinking, Danyelle, how does this affect me and  the health of my family?

The living conditions are so bad!  The cows are eating corn/grains (cows stomachs can only handle eating grass) that are making them sick, and because of all of the above they more likely to carry E.Coli.  Therefore, they are given antibiotics…and this affects us too!


Well, what ends up happening is that we are becoming resistant to these antibiotics, and allergic too!

Here it is:  The cow is eating corn/grains which make him sick, are given antibiotics because the cow is sick due to the food he is being fed and his unhealthy living conditions.

Yes, this does affect our health because it changes the quality of food that you are eating…which starts affecting your health.

When YOU eat cows fed corn/grains, YOU change  YOUR Omega 3: Omega 6 ratios (essential fatty acids which are essential for life).  Omega 3’s decrease inflammation, boost brain function, and prevent against neourological disease, and much more.

Omega 6’s (while necessary too!)  do the opposite.  It is the ratio that we want to keep balanced for great health.  A  2:1 ratio between Omega 6 : Omega 3 is ideal.  Today, dietary experts estimate that current eating habits of America leads to an Omega 6:3  ratio of about 20:1…OUCH!

When YOU eat corn/grain fed cows you are throwing off that ratio!  100% grass fed cows is the one way that will help you keep that ratio in balance.

If you have a child, and want to make sure that you are feeding him/her with healthy foods that will save his/her life…please educate yourself about this stuff!

Supporting YOU and YOUR Family In Living A Healthy Lifestyle