Fight depression, anxiety and stress: 25 Daily Ways To Boost Your Feminine

As women, we become burned out if we don’t re-juice and revive our feminine energy daily. Femininity is the connection to the eternal…timelessness. So if you are feeling exhausted, beaten down, depressed, anxious and stressed out, try one of these juicy and delicious Feminine Boosting Delights…

    1    Put rose petals in your bath tub with a little rose essential oil.

    2    Make a Cleopatra Bath (1 gallon of milk and 1 jar of honey), and soak away.

    3    Take a 1 minute Dance Breaks throughout the day with yourself or girlfriends.

    4    Create a day where you don’t have any deadlines to meet (“The moment you set a deadline for a woman she has to become masculine.” ~ Alison Armstrong).

    5    “Putter” (wandering around the house  rearranging and making things “pretty” and nice without ANY deadline). Your man, other family members or friends can’t be in the house because you will be aware that they are there and that doesn’t allow you to be in your full feminine.

    6    Take a walk in nature.

    7    Take a Bentonite Clay Bath (I use Aztec Secret from Whole Foods).

    8    Call a girlfriend and have a heart-to-heart (releases oxytocin- the bonding hormone).

    9    Put on your favorite essential oil (on your wrists, neck or feet).

    10    Write a love letter to yourself.

    11    Buy fresh cut flowers and put them on your desk.

    12    Wear a sexy pair of panties.

    13    Consistently get 8-9 hours of sleep each night (women need to get consistent sleep  in order to balance our hormones and to increase our level of compassion and joy in our lives).

    14    Take time to “primp” your hair or do your makeup without time pressure.

    15    Being touched by your lover and/or partner.

    16    Experiencing and letting in our partner’s/lover’s desire for us boosts our femininity, sexuality and “womaness”.

    17    Spending time with the special people in our lives gives us an aspect of ourselves that we love.

    18    Meditation

    19    Exercise and dance increase a woman’s sexuality and femininity.

    20    Epsom salt baths for muscle soreness and tiredness.

    21    Try out a body scrub that teases your senses.

    22    Let a dark piece of chocolate melt in your mouth until it completely disappears (no chewing).

    23    Massage (with your partner or by yourself) with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil all over you body (your skin will feel super silky).

    24    Try out skin brushing before a delicious bath or shower.

    25    Sit by a body of water taking in the breeze off the water…against your cheeks.

What is your favorite Feminine Boosting Delight?