How To Beat Gut-Wrenching Boredom

Hello Divine One!

Do you ever feel painfully BORED?!?!

I’ve suffered from great boredom at times in my life.  Boredom was a feeling that overtook me when I was not stimulated in ways that excited me in life. Boredom for me is like death!

I believe boredom comes from an inability to give ourselves what we need. I’ve also associated it with a lack of knowledge about what we need to give ourselves in order to bring more excitement into our lives. Lastly, I have found boredom can result from denying ourselves permission to have what we want and desire.

After many years of self-discovery through coaching and therapy… I’ve discovered two key components that ward off boredom for myself and my clients, while keeping engaged and excited about life. Weaving these two very essential components into my weekly schedule has become the food that my soul thrives on…

I have noticed in the past when I haven’t included these 2 key components,  I’d quickly I start to sink into depression. I’d become increasingly restless and irritated with my life, unhappy and I’d often gain weight.

The two key components to wipe away boredom are adventure and creativity.

#1  Adventure:

I see adventure as something that excites me or that I look forward to. The definition of adventure according to Webster Dictionary: an exciting or dangerous experience. So for me adventure would be…

    1    Going on a date with the cutie I have had a crush on in the local cafe

    2    Taking a trip to the caribbean

    3    Making out with a really good kisser

    4    Dancing all night to amazing 80’s music

    5    Choreographing a dance for amazingly talented dancers

The second key component is…

#2 Creativity: 

Creativity feeds into adventure because creativity can be part of adventure. Being able to express yourself in a creative way is an essential part of adventure. Whether you enjoy writing, baking, painting, singing and/or my favorite… dancing.

Creativity helps to decrease the build up of negative emotions, increase positive emotions and boost endorphins in your body. All of which can help you shed unwanted weight, have you feeling better about your life and experiencing more joy and happiness in your life.

So I have three questions for you that will help you end your boredom and begin living more fully in your life:

    1    What ways do you keep yourself stimulated and engaged in life? 

    2    What is your sense of adventure?

    3    How do you express yourself in a creative way that feed your soul? 

I want to know what lights you up and makes your life richer and more joyful… you may just inspire another sister too – and for that we are grateful ;-).