Heroine’s Journey

Dear Beautiful One,

This is your “Descent to the Goddess” within you.

What I am about to share with you…you may not have heard before. However, it is your birthright as a woman to know, honor and cherish what I am going to share with you.

You’re about to discover the Courtesan’s Journey or what we call the Heroine’s Journey. Having been raised in a patriarchal society, we live in a culture that teaches us to be “bad” versions of men…corrupted men…heroes versus heroines.

What makes us successful in the world, love?

    •    Joy inside

    •    Our career

    •    Having a baby

    •    Love

    •    Money

These are all patriarchal societal markers that demonstrate success. While important to some and valued, there is a far bigger picture as to what it is to be a woman in this world.

As women, embarking upon the Heroine’s Journey, and not imitating a bad version of the hero’s journey, will have each sister reclaim her power and aspects of herself she has yet to discover. The Heroine’s Journey includes her connection to the divine feminine, cooperation, navigating, rebirthing, support, death and rebirth within self…many aspects that have been lost as we women try to mimic the Hero’s Journey.

If you aren’t familiar with the Hero’s Journey, I will share with you what that is…

A man is called to a quest. He is going to become king, the president, a millionaire…

How is he going to do that?

He is going out and will metaphorically “slay the dragon”. On this journey he will go alone. There is no interrelatedness. No question about his emotional or moral relationship with himself to consider. His goal is to “slay the dragon”. On his journey, everything is about the end game, not about his connection to his divinity or the divine.

Does this journey sound familiar?

How often do you question your productivity?

Have to meet deadlines? Feel you have to isolate so you can get more done? According to Mama Gena, “Every woman gets to a point where she judges herself based off the Hero’s Journey.” Her judgements sound like this…

“I’ve done it all wrong.”

“It’s not enough.”

“I can’t tell anyone about this…I am so embarrassed.”

“I can’t share with another person what’s so broken about me because the only thing that is important is the goal.”

How much joy do these judgements bring us, love?


Women are constantly living inside judgement, and even so much so that they start to judge themselves for not having joy, too! When we are metaphorically running after the dragon to slay him without any relationship to our divinity, all alone and no connection to other human beings in the world…we will never generate that illusive joy.

So are you ready to hear the Courtesan’s Journey…if you’re sick and tired of trying to do it like a man, only left to feel like sh&%???

…then listen closely.

The beginning of a woman’s journey is her dance with her desire(s). That is the place where you hear that little voice in the back of your head share what she longs for. As soon as you have a desire, it’s the Universe’s call to break you and remake you into the woman you are to be. The Courtesan’s/Heroine’s Journey is the feminine Hero’s Journey which has been absent in our vocabulary up until now, love. 

Every woman’s journey starts the same way…

1. A woman going along as the every day woman…decently happy, possibly relying on a crutch or coping mechanism to keep happy. For whatever reason, the crutch gives way when she speaks her desire(s)…and there is rupture.

2. Rupture– it’s where a woman is brought to her knees. As soon as you place your desire to the Universe…you have rupture. It could be a death of a loved one or lover/partner, a divorce, a disease or loss of a job.

What a woman is taught is that she is a victim to her circumstances. And what she is to be taught through the Heroine’s Journey is “She needs to know that whatever faults her, remakes her into an even more extraordinary form beyond her wildest dreams.” ~ Mama Gena

Remember, rupture isn’t permanent except that we make it such. The Courtesan’s Journey makes it part of the journey, not permanent.

3. Transparency with sisters- sharing her devastation with her sisters. She seeks sisterhood and women to guide her through the darkness by being transparent with herself and them.

4. She starts receiving her sisters’ love and support. She allows her sisters’ love to penetrate her.

5. Action- “Being willing to put the crown on your own head when there is no evidence of your own magnificence…but you choose it. Begin to serve what devastated you the most, expand yourself as a woman and love in a way you didn’t know you were capable of.” ~ Mama Gena

This is where a woman reclaims her power and begins to take action but this time with greater wisdom and owning her greatness.

The power and the fuel that allows the Courtesan’s Journey into existence is a woman’s TURN ON.

What do I mean by TURN ON?

“Choosing to take your pleasure from the experience of being a woman no matter what is going on.” ~ Mama Gena

A woman’s turn on is her connection to her divinity. When a woman is disconnected from turn on, she is victim. We, as women, are so used to being a victim, we spring back like a rubber band. We, as sisters and women, need to know there is no devastation that is unrecoverable.

“Whatever befalls her breaks her into the girl that she will become tomorrow, and the woman she will be tomorrow.” ~ Mama Gena

There is nothing that breaks a woman…only remakes her into an even more extraordinary form than she could ever even imagine for herself.

So here is the difference between the Hero’s Journey and the Heroine’s Journey broken down into adjectives so that we can clearly experience the distinction between the polar opposite journeys:

“We have grown up in a culture that admires the masculine Hero’s Journey. It’s a bit of a mind bender to step into the Heroine’s Journey when nothing has shown us how or what it looks like.

Mostly our culture acknowledges women who have taken out their metaphorical female “penises” and gained notoriety for basically being a female hero.

Adjectives that describe a Hero’s Journey:

~ Alone

~ Separation between humans and divine

~ Rugged individualism

~ Dominates

~ Self-sacrificing

~ Survives against all odds

~ Revels in his victory

~ Never questions his value or direction

*If we reverse these words we get the heroine’s journey*

Adjectives that describe a Heroine’s Journey:

~ Interdependent with others

~ No separation between human and spiritual worlds

~ Soft relationships

~ Receives from others

~ The ego dies to the perfection of  circumstances- this is the action of getting into agreement

~ Surrendered

~ Humility is worn as a crowned jewel

~ She lives her life as an open question

~ The heroine doesn’t just make lemonade out of the lemons of life…that is what the hero does. She recognizes she made the lemons and that everything she is experiencing has originated from her sensual, sacred center as a play of her divinity taking shape as life itself.” ~Mama Gena

Welcome to your awakening to the heroine’s journey… isn’t it beautiful?