How to connect with your body and REALLY listen to lose weight…

What I hear all the time in my practice is, “I am eating healthy but I don’t understand why it is that I am not losing the weight.”  I wanted to take the time to clear up the confusion between eating what is considered “healthy” and “right”  versus REALLY knowing how to listen to your body in an intimate way.

Do you feel hopeless that you can’t lose weight?

Have you tried all the diets under the sun?  

Are you sick of counting calories, points, dress sizes, watching your health deteriorate daily…do you just feel plain old?  

Does your belly feel bloated all the time, you have a pouchy belly that just won’t go away? 

What if I told you it’s not your fault, and it’s not that you don’t have willpower? 

It’s discovering how to listen to our bodies and tuning into what she is trying to communicate. It’s a marriage of your body and mind. Like in any deeply connected marriage/relationship we want to discover how to better communicate, connect and become more intimate with our partner.

The same is true with our bodies. We need to know how to listen to her, communicate with her and develop a deep, intimate and loving relationship with her.

So today, let’s start with learning how to listen to her.

Even if you are sitting there, saying to yourself, “But I don’t know how to do that, yet?!”.  You will.  Presence with body and how your body feels after you eat something is a very important key component to releasing weight.

We first want to become aware of how your body feels 1-2 hours after you eat.  If you start to feel tired, sluggish, anxious or depressed after you eat… you will want to start tuning into what your body is trying to communicate to you.

Conversely, if you feel alert, no sugar cravings, satisfied and/or increased energy after you eat, this is great feedback too!  When we stop listening to our bodies, this is when we gain weight, get sick and feel fatigued.

So I invite you to start noticing how you feel after you eat. Our bodies are always trying to communicate with us…Are we listening?

Some things to look for 1-2 hours after you eat:

✓ What is your mood like (depression, anxiety, improved clarity, better processing of thoughts)?

✓ Energy levels (energy is restored after eating, hyper, jittery, fatigued)?

✓ Appetite (do you feel satisfied, do you still feel hungry even after a big meal, do you need a sweet treat right after a meal)?

Another tool that I use with coaching clients to help them tune in and become more connected with their bodies, is called Metabolic Typing®. This is really a tool of discovering what foods are great for fueling your metabolism (that are unique to you and nobody else),  and learning how to listen to your body more intimately. 

… It’s not a diet, it’s not about counting calories, it’s not about the next latest fad, and it’s not about an unsustainable short-term quick fix. Metabolic Typing® is a scientific test that has been developed over 25 years to help you discover your individual metabolic requirements.

You can take the basic test here:

I can share with you, ever since eating for my Metabolic Typing®  and discovering what foods were right for me, I released the weight and I never stress about my weight… which is a HUGE relief after 30 years of being obsessed about what I put in my mouth.

When I got connected and collaborated with my body… learned how to listen to her, discovered how to feed her in a way that she liked, and learned how to listen to her better… our relationship blossomed. I felt more at peace with who I was and she released the weight… it was teamwork:-).

When I was screaming at her and not loving her by shaming her for not losing the weight… the weight didn’t release because I didn’t have the tools o become a better listener. Metabolic Typing® showed me how to better listen to her and gave me a sustainable plan to follow.

Please comment below inspiration or questions that you might have about listening to your body and becoming more in tune with her…