Peace with your weight. Peace with your body. Peace with you.

This year you will be hearing from me a lot more. I have decided to share the vulnerable me, the philosophical me, the courageous me, the sad me, the scared me, the loving me, the friend me, the insightful me, the sensual me, the brave me…with you.

You will be getting a whole lot of Danyelle this year. And the reason is that I don’t want to hold back anymore with you.

So this week I want to talk with you about peace.

How many times have you heard yourself wanting peace?

…Peace with your body, peace with your family and friends, peace in your relationships…

What does that mean for you? 

Peace to me means less internal conflict with the different parts of me so that I feel more alignment with myself.

In my experience of peace, there is acceptance. Acceptance of where I am right now, in this very moment…honoring that, acknowledging that and embracing it, even if it feels painful or uncomfortable.

When I was 10lbs. overweight several years back…it was so hard for me to be at peace. I was constantly focusing on the extra fat on my body and the food that I put in my mouth…let’s say I was a bit obsessed. I didn’t feel “at peace” with me.

I was perplexed because I was eating whole foods and organically, and still my weight wasn’t budging! I was doing everything right!

BUT…there was one slight problem.

I wasn’t at peace with my body, my weight or myself.

Here’s the secret, that is going to sound totally counterintuitive to you…I didn’t lose the weight or start loving my body until I embraced the weight and started loving myself with the weight on.

You might be thinking (as many of my clients have said), “Danyelle, I can’t accept this or be ok with my body.”

Then I ask, “why”? 

“Why can’t you accept it? Not accepting it hasn’t helped you to lose the weight either. And in fact, it has created more unrest and stress. Accepting doesn’t mean complacency. It still means consistent action towards your desires.”

Here’s the thing: When you accept where you are at and embrace it…you reduce stress on your body (think about how much of your energy goes into not accepting your body, the weight or yourself daily).

That is a HUGE stress response for your body. When the body is under stress it holds onto fat.

Stress = Increased Fat Storing Hormones

What are the 3 most stressful thoughts you say to yourself about your body?

I would love to hear your 3 most stressful thoughts that weigh you down about your body or weight (please share below in the comments to help yourself and other sisters that might not have the courage yet to share but feel it deeply and are suffering alone).

When we are able to shed light on disempowering thoughts that keep us stuck they no longer own us and don’t have so much power over us. You can then start cleansing your body of toxic thoughts and create new empowering thoughts that get you more of what you want.

This is the first step towards peace with you, your body and your weight.