2 Easy Tactics On How To Avoid Feeling Tempted And Deprived At Holiday Parties

Hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July! I am thrilled to have a weekend to relax with friends. I am going to be in Long Island for a picnic, and then off to the Fireworks in NYC.

Do you feel nervous about falling off the wagon when the holiday parties or picnics come around? Are you concerned you might be tempted by the treats that present themselves at the picnic?

I used to get real nervous when the holidays would come along because I was afraid that I would be tempted by all the mouth-watering junk food that was calling my name.

If you are shaking your head yes, then I want to my share my 2 best secrets that helped me not feel like I was depriving myself of a good time. These 2 simple and easy tactics have worked with a ton of my clients and myself for years.

To help me overcome my tempation, as I eyed the chocolate chip cookies and pasta salads, I would make sure that I ate all my yummy organic foods that I loved before I went to the picnic or party.

I was so satisfied that I didn’t even crave the foods that I thought I would crave. Then, over time as I began doing this over and over again, I would allow myself to taste the what-use-to-be tempting foods, and they didn’t have the same appeal anymore.

Today, it doesn’t tempt me at all because it just doesn’t taste good…I taste the chemicals, and the non-organic foods are tasteless because they are so depleted in nutrients and vitamins. I actually felt like I was starving myself and was completely unsatisfied, even after eating a big meal.

The second trick that I started to do when invited to picnics or parties was to bring my favorite food or dish that I knew would satisfy me! Make your favorite gluten-free brownies, salad dish, or bring your own favorite meats to share with everyone.

What I noticed is that everyone ended up eating what I brought because it tasted so good…our bodies know good yummy food.

I wanted to give you one of my favorite party dishes so you too don’t have to feel deprived or tempted.

Here it is:

Beet and Cilantro Salad


– Organic Beets (4-5 small beets)
– Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– Organic Cilantro (1/2 bunch)
– Organic Balsamic Vinegar
– Organic Red Onions (1 medium sized onion)
– Celtic Sea Salt


-Peel beets. Cut 4-5 raw organic beets into sliver size cubes. Chop 1/2 a bunch of cilantro. Dice one medium size onion. Add all the vegetables together, and add balsamic vinegar and olive oil to your liking. Flavor with Celtic sea salt to your liking.

Note: For Protein types and Mixed Types add more oil, and for Carb Types add less oil. If Carb types were to add 1-2 TBSPS of oil. The Mixed Types should add about 3-4 TBSPS and the Protein Type should add about 5-6 TBSPS.