Tomatoes Like YOU Have Never Tasted

So I just returned from the farmer’s market at Union Square in NYC. This is my weekly routine that I absolutely love and look forward to every week.

I love to speak with the farmers, as they share with me with passion in their eyes about how they produce their delicious foods.

If you were like me back in the day…I would go to the farmer’s market and be overwhelmed as to where to begin. There were so many stands, and I didn’t really know what questions to ask to know that I was getting the best quality food.

I thought that none of the farmers at the farmer’s market sprayed, until right before I purchased my first product, and asked, “Do you spray?”

When they answered, “Yes.” I was shocked, and I knew that I needed to do my homework and meet all the farmers that were not spraying their fields with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides.

After tons of research and loads of questions, I now know who to shop from.

I wanted to share with you some of my discoveries at the market…

Here are the tomatoes that I adore. You haven’t tasted a tomato until you have tried Patsy’s Tomatoes at 9J Greenhouses in Union Square.

Before Patsy’s tomatoes…I hated tomatoes. I thought they tasted like water…and they did. Her tomatoes are certified organic… and you can taste it.

I don’t eat too many tomatoes because they are not good for my individual “Metabolic Type” but I sneak in a few here and there…especially hers.

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Yes, and the picture you see…those are her tomatoes!