Are You Self-Sabotaging?

I couldn’t hold back anymore…I had to share one of my greatest teachers with YOU…so you can STOP self-sabotage!

It is something that I work on every day…so I hope this post helps you, like it has helped me!

A dear friend and colleague of mine, Dean Horton, Holistic Coach Extraordinaire,  wrote a blog post just for YOU so that you can beat YOUR self-sabotage that keeps YOU from achieving your health goals.

…He is also going to share with us how to BEAT the self BEAT-UP.


If you’re at all like me…guilt and beat-up feel horrible!

…YOU eat that cookie that you know tastes so good while it is going down but then the guilt and the beat-up set in…“How come I couldn’t resist the temptation…I have no willpower”.

Does that sound like YOU?

…It was all to familar to me 5 years ago.

Let’s Stop Self-Sabotage Dead In its Tracks with 4 Easy Steps!

Dean works with many clients that have self-sabotaging challenges when it comes to following through.  He knows first hand how self-sabotage dreadfully showed up in his life year after year, and paralyzed him in his career…which led to years of not working.

He is going to share with you 4 Life-Changing Steps that gave him his power back and brought him out of his self-sabotaging FUNK

If you are like Me, Dean, and Many Others…you have wanted to lose weight or get back in shape…you join the gym, sought out the most knowledgeable nutritionist to design an individualized nutritional program just for you …only to realize that you are not following the program and not going to the gym because you  are sabatoging yourself in some way!

It is truly frustrating and annoying!

We ask, “why,” “how could I do that… I really want to lose my belly fat”…

Does this sound familar?

So let’s get to the bottom of why we do this…

Dean says, one reason that we do this is because the human ego (that voice in your head…all the time) goes back to what is familiar (it is uncomfortable to change).  In this place of familiarity…we find comfort, we feel safe.

Remember, those homemade chocolate chip cookies your mom would make when you got an A on a paper…our ego remembers those good feels, and feels comforted.  So we grab for those chocolate chip cookies when we feel sad or depressed…thinking that they are going to make us feel good…and for a short while they do…until…

The Big Bad BEAT-UP Wolf kicks in.

Dean shares with us…

…remember, when you decided to workout 4-5 times a week and you have every intention of carrying out your Fitness Bootcamp regime, then you don’t end up doing it at all because there is some sub-conscious part of you that doesn’t believe you deserve it?

…The EGO ALWAYS wants to go back to what is familiar…it likes to be in Control…and this is where we start to sabotage.

So What Happens When We Sabotage…

Here is my take…we become in conflict with ourselves.  You really want to get in shape but you never make it the gym or you reach for that cookie knowing that it is not helping you reach your goals.  Then we make up excuses.

…can you relate to this?

We don’t understand why we are sabatoging so we start beating ourselves up.

Dean shares with us…

The ego loves the conflict because it helps it seperate from Source (God, Higher Power, Higher Self, You, etc.)…who we really are.

What does all this giberish mean to me Danyelle?

We end up feeling lost, powerless, hopeless, and angry…because of this seperation between ego and source.  When in reality we are very powerful!

Wait until you hear this powerful story…

Dean had a client who wanted to be “noticed”…growing up she wasn’t noticed by her parents (she felt invisible).  She found herself overeating, and not knowing why she was doing it.

Dean helped her see, that she sub-consciously was overeating and making herself fat so that she could be “noticed”…even if it was negative attention…it was attention.  The sub-conscious thought was, “The bigger I am the more they will see me and pay attention”.

Dean helped Diane, acknowledge what was happening on a sub-conscious level, and taught her how to reparent that part of her self-sabatoging ego who wanted “to being noticed”…the bigger her body got the more she would be noticed!

…Now, Diane has a different relationship with food which has eliminated her overeating, and need to be “noticed” by being fat.  She now knows how to “notice” herself and give herself the attention and love that she so badly craved from those around her.

How Powerful and Inspirational!

This can work for you too…

Dean has created  4 Simple and Powerful Steps To Help YOU End Self-Sabotage with what I call The Self-Sabotage Check-in

1.  STOP…Notice That YOU are sabotaging

2. Instead of beating yourself up say, “OK this is where I am TODAY!”…not forever

3. Then sit quiet with yourself for 2 mins,  hear the silence between your thoughts…a meditative state (this helps you connect with Source vs. YOUR Ego (the chatter box…if your ego is like mine…it is always talking).

4. The very next day (not in that moment) YOU decide if this is something that keeps happening over and over again…hiring a coach is the best way to break the self-sabotaging patterns faster…coaches are like lasers that help us cut through the blur and confusion.

Here is the Main Point Friends…

Dean says, that returning to Source through sitting quietly with yourself helps to reconnect with YOU, and  who YOU really are.  The Ego (the chatter box, our thoughts, etc.) is not who YOU are…even though it gives YOU that illusion.

My wonderful holistic coach, John McMullin, says, “Meditation is a time for listening and praying is a time for asking…they are both important to ending self-sabotage.”

In My Opinion…

Follow these 4 steps…you will be amazed…I sure was!

On a personal note…Dean is an inspiration, and out of anyone I have ever met…this man has changed his life.  He knows first hand how dangerous and debilitating self-sabotage can be.  Dean’s 4 steps do work because he and his clients are living proof…that is why I was so excited to share it with YOU!

Let’s create more love and acceptance for ourselves so that we achieve ALL of our dreams and desires!

With Love and Success To All,