Exclusive Interview With Founder Of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition TM, Reed Davis! Topic: The Damaging Effects of Gluten

Hey guys!

To make sure that you have the best and most relevant information, I have sought out the best people I can find to interview about the topics you want to hear about.

I am so excited to announce that my teacher and mentor, Reed Davis, will be taking time out of his very busy day and successful practice to speak with us about the damaging effects of gluten on the human body.

Reed Davis knows first hand the dangers of gluten having been diagnosed as a celiac several years ago.

Reed is the founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition™️ (FDN). Prior to developing his amazing Functional Diagnostic Nutrition™️ course, he served 8 years as the Case Manager and Clinical Nutritionist in a Wellness Center in San Deigo, CA, where he was able to make observations about who was getting better and who wasn’t.

He found that the patients that improved the most were the ones that were addressing their underlying problem, not treating the symptoms. When Reed owned and operated his own health screening business, where he tested over 11,000 people!

Today, he offers an amazing FDN Certification course that is open to professional health care providers. His certification course has grown exponentially! He has already trained hundreds of chiropractors, acupuncturists, clinical nutritionists, Metabolic Typing Advisors, nurses and other providers around the world.

You may be asking yourself…Danyelle, what is Functional Diagnostic Nutrition™️? …It is looking at the body to see how it is functioning at the digestive, immune, detoxification, and hormonal levels. If you are functionally optimal at these levels then your symptoms ultimately disappear.

Symptoms are “common” but not “normal.” Each and every cell in your body is designed to work perfectly at 100%. However, when we are feeding the body the wrong foods, under emotional stress, environmental stress, working out too hard…we create stress!

Stress is what throws the body out of balance, and does not allow the body to function at 100%. When the body is not working at 100% we have symptoms: fatigue, bloated belly, migraines, PMS, neck tension, etc.

Reed is like a detective and uses scientific lab tests to detect where the body is malfunctioning, and then he helps you reestablish functioning through diet and lifestyle modifications.

Let’s welcome Reed Davis to our community!

If you are interested in hearing this exclusive interview, please Contact Me and I will tell you how you can receive the recording :-).